RBC Capital Markets vs CIBC Capital Makets (Both Toronto Offices) - Which Offer to Accept????

Kind of a fit vs reputation dilemma for me right now.... Really love the team at CIBC and work/life balance will be marginally better + better chances of landing FT at end of summer... RBC is also RBC and tough to beat the dealflow and reputation of that bank + exit opps.

Any feedback would be hugely appreciated!!!

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Nov 30,2017

I believe both banks are considered BB in Canada if I recall? I think the decision would be on the margins. If you really enjoy the company of the folks at CIBC, I'd sway to going there. One thing that can't be discounted is how much having people you enjoy being around makes work and life generally more palatable (not necessarily easier in terms of workload or hours, but much better in terms of having a pleasant workplace or one where communication exists and expectations are clear).

You really can't go wrong with either, as they are both excellent firms. I think you'll have reputable exit opps at both spots, which of course are contingent on your performance, your deal experience, your interviewing competency, and your luck :).

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Nov 30,2017

I'm risk-averse so I would go to the bank with the highest return offer rate.

But RBC >>> CIBC in terms of reputation for sure

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Nov 30,2017

I'm not sure that you'll have a better work/life balance at CIBC, it really depends on group placement or work allocation (analysts dedicated to industry coverage get first place in a pool for 12-24 months before they are placed into an actual industry group). M&A analysts at RBC are known to average probably 20-30 hours more than all of the other analysts so that group will definitely be intense, but it is known (along with BMO mining group) as the best in Canada. But outside of M&A, I really don't think there's much of a difference with regards to work/life balance. I also don't think there's much of a difference with regards to chances of getting a FT offers.

With regards to reputation, RBC really is ahead of the pack, it cracked the top 10 global M&A league table recently (albeit mostly because of their balance sheet), while CIBC has a limited international footprint. RBC exit ops will be better and you'd have the opportunity of international transfer if you want to stick with banking.

Nov 30,2017