Reneging a full-time offer received through OCR?

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I'm a current senior undergraduate.

I did a summer internship last year that I received through my college (through OCR) and received a return offer to join the company full-time (it's within retail, and the pay isn't super great and I wouldn't get a performance bonus for at least 3 years) - let's call the company "X". I received the full-time return offer in late August 2017, and I had until the end of October 2017 to accept. I couldn't find a better offer by October so I accepted the job.

I recently just got a job offer with a boutique consulting firm, let's call them "Y", and the pay is much better. I also got this job through my school's OCR. I haven't accepted the offer yet.

I'm concerned that if I accept this new offer from company Y and renege my old offer from company X, then X will contact my school's recruiting team/OCR and inform them about it. And since the new offer I got from Y is also through OCR, is it possible for my school to tell Y to rescind their offer from me?

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Feb 28, 2018

Does your school have peer coaches or seniors who work with the Career Services department to advise younger students? Perhaps you could ask one of them to ask Career Services how it would deal with a situation like yours. This can be an indirect way of finding out what might happen.

You could also try looking online to see what the school's policies are on reneging. Ultimately, the consulting firm looks like a much better option to me, but it would be very unlikely for your school to directly contact the consulting firm without asking you first.

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Feb 28, 2018

Career Services has an incentive to tell you not to renege because it hurts the relationship. They'll usually tell you not to.

Mar 2, 2018

We do have career coaches, and I also have been looking online and so far it seems that I'll lose OCR privileges. I'm a senior right now so I don't think losing OCR privileges matters that much to me at this point (since I won't be using OCR after I graduate in May). The only thing is I won't be able to use my school's online careernet system that has jobs posted in it by employers who are looking for students from my school.

I guess I really want people's opinion on: is it worth it to renege the offer I have and end up losing out on being able to use my school's careernet system in the future for when I look for new jobs?

Feb 28, 2018

Accept Y. I don't think they have that power hahaha

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Feb 28, 2018

OCR will deff be pissed, but you have nothing to lose at this point. They will most likely argue that it compromises the school's reputation at that employer, and may jeopardize opportunities for other/future students. Worst that could happen to you is that you'd be barred from using OCR to source jobs in the future. I don't think they could get an offer rescinded, but you should probbaly speak to someone about it.

EDIT: Here is an excerpt from my school's code:

"Failure to conduct your recruiting activities according to these standards jeopardizes your own job search, as well as those of your peers, and the broader relationship between Rutgers University and affected employers." FWIW, they "require" a letter of apology to be sent out, and a meeting with an OCR rep as restitution for interview no-shows.

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Mar 2, 2018

Do you think it'd be worth it to take the new job and end up losing OCR privileges in the future? I'm just worried that I'll need to use my school's careernet system for when I eventually move jobs in the future.

Mar 2, 2018

I find it extremely unlikely that lose your OCR privileges. Even if the company you renege on tattles on you (doubtful), there's a really high chance that you can talk your way out of it to your career service people. They're there SOLELY to help you find employment, they don't want you to renege - but at the same time, are they really going to fuck you for it?

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Mar 2, 2018

OCR really doesn't want you to do that, but it's extremely doubtful that a bunch of grown ups at a firm are going to tattle on you to your school career services. Even if they do, OCR can't do anything besides send you a strongly worded email about it.

People act like reneging is illegal or something and it's totally not, it's just a pain in the ass for a lot of people who aren't you.

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Feb 28, 2018

Not disagreeing with you, but your head is in the clouds. It's not petulant "tattling"-- OCR obviously has a relationship with HR at the firm. One party may (rightfully) check in with the other re: OP (and/or other students), and any reneged offers could come to light. While revoked OCR privileges may not affect OP as a senior, the collectivist argument is that reneging could tarnish your university's reputation as a feeder school for that firm.

Don't get me wrong, as a chronic underachiever myself, I think OP should totally go for the better offer. Let's just not pretend it isn't duplicitous to use the university's reputation/resources to find (and commit to) a job through OCR, and then breach the agreement simply because "it's not illegal or something." It's not OP's problem, but it also shouldn't be taken lightly.

Mar 2, 2018

Yeah, it's totally a shitty thing to do, no doubt about that. But so is throwing my trash down the recycling shoot when the trash shoot is full. Gotta do what you gotta do to get ahead and stay #elite

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Mar 2, 2018

Do you think company X wouldn't hesitate to yank your offer per a budget cut!?

Go to CS and tell them you no longer want to work for company X. As a recent college graduate, you are all carbon copies a dime a dozen (no offense). Company X will just hire another person and you'll succeed with company Y as a consultant.

So long as you're man enough to tell them the facts, you'll be good. Don't apologize, don't make excuses, just tell them it's only business.

Mar 3, 2018

Random commenter here. Previously, I rejected a job offer with huge regrets. With hindsight, I should have simply accepted it and then reneged subsequently if I had to. Turns out I should have accepted it. Always consider YOURSELF over all other factors is what I would tell myself if I could go back in time. Think about it this way, companies wouldn't hesitate to cull you when the time comes. Why are you being so considerate to them?

Case in point: Mum has been working at her company all her life. When she fell ill, company told her to leave even though she was on no paid leave.

Good luck.

Apr 12, 2018