Request for advice: choosing programs in B-schools

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Hi all, need your advice for a asian guy who is really confused.

1.graduated from tier 2 university( ranked 10-15) in China, GPA 3.7 out of 4.0, major in management and minor in finance.
2.Good at Math, close to 4.0/4.0 in Mathematics courses
3.GMAT and tofel is not a problem( estimate G/T =750/110)
4.three year w/e in top local real estate developer and PERE firm( not famous)
5.passed CFA level 3

Career path:
Willing to choose a b-school in MSF/MFE/MBA in U.S or Euro to further my education and finally get opportunity into top IB or mega funds. During my past investment experience in real estate sector I prefer working in this area.

I do not have much money to support my education and as a result I need at least 50% scholarship or assistantship. I also have to loan for the rest.

My question is:
1. Which kind of program(MSF/MFE/MBA) is more suitable for me?
2.Any programs suggest? (according my career goals and financial situation)

Thanks for your advice!

All Europe

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Aug 28, 2016

You're probably best suited for an MBA, however I'd wait until you have taken the TOEFL and GMAT to figure out what schools are in the running particularly due to the need for financial aid. My feeling is that you should apply broadly from the lower end of the M7 to lower ranked, but still tier 1 programs. As for IB that's going to be easy enough out of a top tier program, mega funds aren't too likely even if you had prior US PE experience, a lot of people trade down from their pre-MBA fund's caliber e.g. Upper-MM to MM.

Aug 29, 2016

thanks for your reply. I will take GMAT/TOFEL soon according to your advice.

Aug 29, 2016

you should think about your career goals first. IB is tough and MBA helps, but have you tried experienced recruiting?

It's also fine that you hope to have more money - but you have to see what type of schools you can get into AND get 50% discount. For me personally, with my b-school feelings, I could not do anything under top 15 - Cornell Johnson is narrowly the cut-off because it unfortunately didnt make the BCG Fellows list.

Aug 29, 2016

Thanks! you are correct that I'm not clear about the career goals. I will consider it seriously.

I will try the top 15 b-schools. But does this top schools offer scholarship?

Aug 30, 2016