Residential Mortgages Asset Management (RMAM) Trade Analytics Role at GS

Hey guys,

Have a friend who has already received an offer for the position in the title and she is heavily contemplating leaving her current role in the settlement side of Operations (also at GS, internal mobility).

As I don't think I've seen too many threads on this particular team, was wondering if someone could share whatever insight they might have (will pass this on)

Job description states "candidate will be responsible for the analysis of performing and non-performing loan acquisitions, sales, securitizations, P&L reporting, and back-testing".

Feel free to chip in if you perform a similar function at a different firm, I'd love to hear your insight on how you feel about it.

If anyone can also chip in on exit opportunities for this and or/ the work that RMD does at GS in general, that would be much appreciated.

Any and all input is welcome!

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May 8, 2019

This is trading support, super boring but better than settlement operation lol

Settlement operation is the worst possible job you can get

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May 8, 2019

tbh I wouldn't bother with residential unless we're talking Multifamily. If that's the best option being presented internally, your friend would be better off just leaving GS for a better role.

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May 8, 2019

Thanks for the quick responses guys.

Just two questions -

1) Are you guys familiar with the RMAM trade analytics team in particular at GS?
Presence is in Dallas and India

2) Position encompasses things like analytics for acquisitions and sales of resi loan portfolios, is that in any way interesting? For those who have similar roles.

Keep the solid responses coming!

May 11, 2019