Restructuring on the upswing? What do all you monkeys think?

Student trying interested in restructuring and would love to discuss some of the current market trends/hear some insight from professionals.

I've been seeing in different posts about EB's and restructuring in general how we're in a cheap credit boom and restructuring is on an upswing while general M&A activity will be on a downward slope. As far as I can tell restructuring will be picking up in at least the retail/consumer sector because of online merchants like Amazon obliterating brick and mortar store sales. We just saw Toys"R"Us get swamped by their debt.

What kind of firms do you think we be the next to crumble and why?
What market conditions do you see showing the upswing for RX/downswing for M&A or do you disagree entirely?

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Oct 6, 2017