Resume tips for current IB summer analyst recruiting full-time

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I am currently a summer analyst at a well-regarded IB, but want to throw my hat in the ring for a few other banks that I would be more interested in joining FT (and also as insurance against potentially not getting an offer).

I've been staffed on a number of deals so far and contributed to them to the extent I could as an SA. Should I follow the M&I private equity resume format (i.e. "Professional Experience" at the top with "Selected Transaction Experience" and short "Education" section at the bottom), or should I follow the regular investment banking format that I used for SA recruiting?

Does anyone have an example of an effective resume for FT recruiting? Thanks.

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Jul 7, 2018

Standard format is best. Definitely not Education at the bottom - unless you're graduated, you can't get away with this. As mentioned, M&I's PE Resume format is for IB analysts who are already FT, and are looking to make the jump. So, people who have likely been out of school for a year or 2.

Don't change your format than what you used for SA. However, by now, you should have additional insight that will enable you to clean up your points to make more sense / be discussed more professionally. I found that the more I worked, the more I was actually switching old experiences' descriptions, given added knowledge.

And yes, add a "Selected Transaction Experience" sub-heading under your IB experience if you have deal experience you can articulately talk about

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Jul 14, 2018