Right Next Step and Level: Director Corporate Strategy to either VC or PE


IT consulting (4+ years )--> Top European MBA --> Strategy Consulting internships (10 months) --> Big 4 Consulting FT (~7 months) --> Top sports agency Europe (5+ years as Director). The current role focuses on business development, club and stadium commercialization (distressed and regular) across sports, new service development (internationalization, analytics, etc.).


I am unsure of next chapter i.e. VC or PE and also unsure of the level that I should aim for. I am having very early-stage discussions with renowned VC firms from the industry without any JD's. I am also in touch with a couple of small PE firms working in the sector about creating another fund. Here again, I am unsure of the level of the role I should ask for or the associated salary?

Any comments/suggestions about this monkeys?


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Aug 3, 2019