Rising Senior Desperately Needing Advice on FT Recruiting please advise

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Hi all,

I am a rising senior at a top-10, non-Ivy target school, double majoring in economics/political science. I am committed to a career in consulting, and all the top firms (MBB, Oliver Wyman, LEK, ATK, Deloitte S&O etc.) recruit on campus. However, I am extremely worried that my resume won't pass the initial first round screening.

The Good:
Great School Name
Great SAT/ACT Scores (34, 2300+)
Relevant Major

**The Average: **
I've had three internships, two in finance, but none at recognizable, name-brand places.
Sophomore year summer: finance internship in boutique IB
Junior Spring: business development internship in large in multinational corporation, well known abroad but not so much in the US
Junior Summer: private equity internship in very small fund, did a lot of research/grunt work

I did finance internships because I thought I was initially interested in going into IB, but realized it was not a good fit for me in terms of interest.

The Bad:
My GPA. Due to a lot of personal and family issues junior year, including ending a really abusive relationship, I couldn't focus on school and my GPA TANKED. I have 3 Cs from this year in microeconomics/finance/quant heavy classes, leaving my cumulative GPA at a 3.62, but the Cs were all during semesters where I overloaded in coursework/credits, and received As in everything else. However, this is a downward trend on my transcript.

I have been networking for the past month with alums/first year associates from my school, but am concerned I will not get interviews due to my transcript, especially my poor academic track record junior year. I know that MBB is pretty much out of the question, but how do I best position myself for other firms?

Given that consulting recruitment is extremely competitive, what are the best jobs to apply for to position myself for business school/rebranding for consulting recruitment later on?

Thank you all so much for any advice!

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Aug 20, 2017

Chill out, dependent on your school and major 3.62 might be fine even for MBB. You'll probably lands at least a few interviews, if not for MBB at least for OW, ATK etc.

Aug 21, 2017

But will they not look at my transcript and notice that my grades right before FT recruiting were terrible?

Aug 21, 2017

No. They look at your GPA, they don't have time to go into that. Cut-off is usually between 3.5 and 3.7 dependent on a couple of factors.

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Aug 22, 2017

I'd bet $50 that you go to Duke.

That GPA is fine. They won't see your transcripts until the final round and even then a couple C's in seemingly difficult classes won't be that big of a deal.

Aug 25, 2017