Risk departement internship at Commodities trading house

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Hey Guys!

I am looking for some advice concerning an internship I may have this summer. I am an undergraduate student with a background in mathematics.

While my original plan was to find something at a BB, it turns out that I have a very good shot at an internship at a big commodities trading house in the risk department. Maybe other opportunities at BBs will come, but I already got some rejections and therefore I don't have much hope in the remaining open applications.

Originally I wanted to find something in the Sales and Trading department in commodities and I know that some oil supermajors do offer a program like this (BP and Shell as far as I know) and some others don't. However after discussing this topic with HR at an oil supermajor that doesn't, they assured me that they wouldn't have interns in the front office, should it be a summer internship in my case or even for a longer internship as a graduate. In addition to that, what I have been reading on WSO indicates that in commodities trading it is usual (and sometimes even preferred) to begin somewhere else, should it be risk, operations or logistics.

  1. Considering this, what do you guys think of my opportunity of summer internship as an undergraduate in the risk department? I believe, that the fact that I may get an internship there as an undergraduate is pretty unique and rare, isn't it?
  2. While I know that this is only a summer internship and that I will be doing at least my masters between this and the launch of my career, I was wondering what such an internship might indicate: If I plan to reapply in the commodities world, what would be more valuable: a sales and trading internship at one of the oil supermajors or my risk internship (considering of course, that they would not offer anyone something front office)?
  3. What is the best background to get into logistics? HR told me that they would rather place me in something else that involves more numbers crunching and programming.
  4. How hard is it to make a transition from risk to logistics (or even better Trading)?
  5. What is the specific risk management in commodities knowledge that I should be aware of?
  6. This one is less related to this particular internship: Having been studying mathematics, I have been hearing my whole life that I could manage to get into finance in not such a difficult way. However, my experience this last year has been the opposite! What do you guys think should I add to my profile? If you ask me, I believe that probably my profile does not reflect enough financial interest and I will definitely try and fix this issue in my further studies. What would be your suggestions concerning this matter? Is there any way to get a Sales and Trading job with a mathematics background or is one directly classified as more fitting to risk, technology or finance division? I am trying to make sense of my rejections and this is a tough thing to do, I am sure a lot of you have better insights than me!
  7. The last question is concerning the importance of previous internships to get a job. I am considering postponing my master for a few month if I get other relevant internship opportunities. Would you consider this a good move or not necessary?

Thank you in advance for the long read! Looking forward to your answers!

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Feb 12, 2018