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Hi All,

Just a quick post about R W Baird in London. I've been offered an analyst role, and wanted to find out about the culture and deal flow there.

Does anyone know what the hours will be like? I've heard it is not as gruelling and some banks, but still pretty long (as expected in IB). Any opinion on the strength of the brand?

Any other comments on the culture, perks etc? Essentially, i am very keen and happy to work hard, I just don't want to completely sign my life away.


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Aug 30, 2018

My general impression of Baird is that they hire just as much for personality as they do for ability. There tends to be really good people at Baird. All of their groups are near the top of their field, and they probably have the best Industrials practice in the MM. However, Industrials can be kind of grueling - it comes with the territory when you're king of the mountain.

I've heard the London office is a bit more laid back than other London shops. No need to worry about always having black shoes, and you can have a pocket on your shirt without everyone going "tut tut tut" until you quit.

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Aug 30, 2018

I'm sorry but no brown in town applies at all time. On the other hand I had never hear of the "tut tut tut" story for pockets on shirts.

Aug 30, 2018

I have a buddy who just started in London. I guess brown is allowed on non-client facing days. What do I know though, I'm wearing timberlands and painter's khakis today, haha.

And I've heard from others at other banks that there are very strict rules on men's fashion. No pockets on shirts, no buttons on collars, collars must be the same color as the shirt (unless you're an MD), no belts, no stripes on suits (unless you're an MD), no square or pointed toe on shoe, shoe must have laces...etc, you get the picture.

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Aug 30, 2018