Rock and hard place

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Hi all,

I seem to have found myself between a rock and a hard place. I am a current student at what you would consider a "nontarget" school, of which probably many of you have have nevery heard. I am a finance major with a mediocre GPA (started college as an athlete and wasn't too concerned with academics). I've taken very few classes, but have managed to read alot of material and self-educate over the past 3 years while working for a real estate brokerage and investment company (yeah, family ties). I did well in that regard and learned quite a bit of a professional work place and how to communicate with senior level persons.

Since I've started back to school my GPA has been a 4.0 and if I continue at this pace I can get my GPA up to around a 3.6 and eventually a good MBA. I will be a junior (or a little more with my credits) in the fall and I am extremely interested in an internship this summer (preferably paid because of my current situation).

Do I even attempt to apply to a well-known sophmore program in hopes to obtain an interview, where I know I can kill it? Or just get on anywhere, possibly regional? Career service at my school? Despite my school year, I do have some professional experience and I would like to work in PE and/or real estate.

Suggestions? Thanks

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Feb 11, 2010

You're way too young to be cautious. You have zero experience and therefore no traffic record to besmirch. Just go after every single opportunity you can, in an effort to build up your track record - even if the first three things are moronic internships. You just might meet the right person who can get you a proper 10-week gig.

Feb 11, 2010

Apply to everything and start networking. 3.6 is a fine GPA, above the unofficial cut off for most major places. Look at some local places in an effort to hedge your bets. Maybe thing about taking some higher level electives to offset your GPA with advanced classes.

Feb 11, 2010