Rothschild vs. Greenhill vs. Centerview Partners

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Have been looking into Rothschild & Co.'s Restructuring and Debt Advisory Group vs. Greenhill's M&A Group vs. Centerview's Advisory Group. Rothschild definitely has reputable European IB presence, Greenhill has brought in great deal flow over the past couple of years, and of course Centerview as a top-notch Advisory firm. Would love to hear input regarding the rankings and rationale for those respective rankings behind each bank. Cheers.

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Jul 10, 2019

All great places to be, would rank them something like this...

  1. Centerview (Keep in mind it is a 3yr commitment and a bit of a unique shop, seems more oriented towards creating longer term bankers than exits)
  2. Rothschild
  3. Greenhill (falling quite a bit from what I hear, some argue it's losing its EB status, still a strong shop just not necessarily on par with the EBs)


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Jul 11, 2019

depends on location

Jul 11, 2019

Centerview has a 3-year commitment and works on larger deals, but other than that idk how you can rank these. Totally depends on location and team, overall all 3 are great

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Jul 11, 2019

Bro you go to a non target that doesn't place into any of these not sure why you're even asking

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Jul 25, 2019