Salary for an experienced analyst


I am gathering information regarding the salary of an experienced analyst in asset management. I am in talks with a few long-only shops and keen to know about the compensation range for an equity analyst with 5-7 years of experience from a $4+bln fund (but w/o MBA).

Thanks for the insights in advance.

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  • Investment Analyst in Asset Management - Equities
Sep 4, 2019

I'll bump this as I'm curious to see some data points as well.

How did you go about initiating talks with those guys? At some point I will likely be testing the waters myself.

  • Intern in Other
Sep 8, 2019

Sumzero and some cfa societies (or maybe institute can't remember) have put out pretty detailed compensation reports. But I think the real answer is it depends. I've seen pretty wide ranges from 100k to upwards of 500k

  • Investment Analyst in Asset Management - Equities
Sep 9, 2019