Seeking Promotion from Associate to Director Pre-MBA a Wise Move for IB Recruiting?

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I have six years of work experience and have been an Associate in Corporate Finance at a F500 firm over the last two years. I am leaving in August for an MBA at a Top 10 business school where I intend to position myself for an IB role at an EB or BB post-MBA. I'm contemplating whether or not to request a Director title promotion, which I'm confident I could obtain if I asked, before departing the company. As it relates to applying for a Post-MBA IB Associate role, would having the Director title from pre-MBA on my resume hinder, have no effect on, or enhance my candidacy?

Whereas promotions go from Associate directly to VP at most investment banks, they progress from Associate directly to Director at my firm. Make note, both Associates and Directors in my group earn $90K - $110K per year in base salary (bonus is immaterial) and it is my understanding post-MBA IB Associates make $150K - $180K per year (plus sizeable bonuses). Post-MBA, I'd join an IB team covering the same sector that I'm in now. Though tough to predict, I see myself within such an IB group for at least 3 - 5 years.

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Feb 28, 2020