Should I say I'm interested in multiple positions during a networking/informational interview with a bank employee?

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Hi everyone!

I am wondering if I should say something like "I would love to work at M&A, however I would also be interested in ECM, Equity research, Restructuring and RE IB in your bank" These divisions may be different, but they all involve valuing assets, modeling and working on deals. Personally I find all of them interesting. Or should I say that I am only interested in my main target (say, M&A?)
Or perhaps something like "I want M&A, but I would be willing to work at a different division that would allow me to get the skills to transfer to M&A later on" ? However here I am showing that I'm not interested in other divisions and only want one thing.

So how can I transmit that I am open to different proposals without sounding like I am unsure of my interests?


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Oct 24, 2018