Societe Generale NY Securitization Internship

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I'm wondering if this internship would be helpful for me; I have an offer for Summer '13. I was trying for SG M&A but only got a Securitization offer. I'm finishing out my Sophomore year now, and will be trying for further internships next year (most likely IBD, but possibly S&T). Since securitization is part of Global Finance at SG, I'm unsure how much value it would actually add to my qualifications. I have two solid previous internship experiences, one of which would probably be dropped from my resume upon doing Securitization. I'm sure it's better than nothing, but given securitization can get pretty specialized and isn't a good segway into IBD, S&T or much other than further structured finance, just how useful will it be?

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Mar 4, 2013
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