Soph FoF -> Junior Banking SA Possible?

Sophomore at a semi-target (Ross/McDonough/Stern/Cornell), top 10% of the class, targeting junior SA gig in IBD. I have a full time offer for this summer as a research analyst for an FOF and a few more interviews (including one decent boutique IBD) coming down the pike. The FOF itself does fairly well (mid-10 figure AUM, larger institutional clients), but I've heard from a lot of people that the experience I'll get (beyond capacity to network) will be limited b/c the research will be on money managers, not within the context of true investment strategies. Roughly 10 days left to respond.

Obviously I'll take the boutique if I get the offer, but assuming worst case scenario (12 hours left, no other offers): Should I accept the offer and stop looking, accept and keep looking with intent to renege if a better one comes my way (full disclosure: not something I had considered myself until it was suggested to me by a colleague/mentor), or decline and keep looking? My question is less "is this the best internship in terms of experience" (I know it isn't) and more "is this good enough to not hurt me in fall recruiting".

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May 11, 2015

Won't hurt you. Good enough.

Mar 14, 2016