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Just curious how people generally get into start-ups? Is it something that people usually get into early in their career, or is it usually something you do after working for an established company for quite some time? Also, what characteristics do individuals need to be a successful team member at a start-up? What jobs prepare one for working at a start-up?

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Apr 9, 2010

Normally people get involved with start-ups early in their careers. It work both ways though, and neither is better than the other. When your young you have nothing to lose, when your older you have more money saved away and experience.

Apr 9, 2010

I just started working for a start up (unpaid, first finance job). It was more of a fit thing than anything else. When you spend a lot of hours on something the last thing you want to add to the stress is how badly you want to knock out your partner because they are so fucking annoying.

So early in career, with people who get along outside of spreadsheets and have a common goal is the background I have.

Apr 9, 2010