Staying in my development role vs investment sales analyst position?

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I am currently working as a development associate (it is an entry-level role) with a very cool, smart, agile developer on the smaller side in a major US city (not NY/SF). I am learning a very great amount in my current role, enjoy my team, etc. However, my pay is south of $50k which only just barely covers my frugal living and minimum student loan payments (I have around $85k), with no room for saving or even an emergency fund, let alone niceties. I am not a fan of the city I live in.

I have an opportunity to join a top-performing southwestern state investment sales team (a Warren Buffet favorite, not CBRE/Cushman/JLL) located in the city I want to be in. The salary is a 10% increase plus bonus, allowing me to slash my student loan repayment time in half as well as actually have savings/fun outside work. The role has the opportunity to potentially develop into a producer position if there is a fit and I demonstrate my abilities (the actual work I will be doing, I have been doing for years and have no worries about acing).

I want to develop property in the long term but I have this feeling that even if I am the most skilled development guy out there, with zero money of my own I won't get a single thing done. If I am going to have to go to a big development shop or fund in the future anyway, might as well jump ship now...or not? I am confident I could make more money and not stagnate in the investment sales role, but I will certainly not be exposed to the full spectrum of development work as I am now (although for what it's worth I am doing LOTS of property management support and investor relations right now).

This development role was my dream job when I applied for it but I am curious to see WSO's input on changing my position? Am I hurting myself by leaving development, which seems like an end goal field for so many people?