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I'm currently studying finance at cass in london, and will be studying abroad this coming year at IE business school in madrid and then ross university of michigan.

The places I can study abroad are,

mccombs, uni of texas
mcintire, uva
smith, maryland


Im undecided between IE and UVA specifically. I know UVA mcintire is a target in the US and places well there, while it seems like IE is unheard of outside of Europe, even though ranks highly among european business schools. Although I believe I'll have a good time at both, reputation/prestige matters to me, so based on that, would it be best to go to uva? I would also like to work in the US for bit, from reading other posts, there's some conflicting opinions. Some say studying abroad doesn't matter to banks and others say it does.

If anyone can give any advice on choosing between IE and UVA, it will be appreciated. Anyone that has studied abroad (especially at UVA/IE), how was it?

I'm currently on a mid/high 2:1, so 3.5GPA and have interned at a top tier BB (think MS,JPM, Goldman) in AM. I'm not too worried about getting a SA internship in London as my course places pretty well at BBs (all of my close friends have secured internships at BBs/PE/HF), and hopefully with a lot of hard work I can get a first this year.

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Apr 27, 2020

I dont know the another one, but IE is a top business school in Spain. Now I'm applying to MSc in Madrid and IE is one of my options.

In London, 70-80% workers from Spain studied in IE or IESE

If finally you decide to move to Madrid I would like to meet you and share opinons and ideas!

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Apr 27, 2020
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