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I am thinking about studying abroad in cape town my junior fall. I go to a target school so I will be missing the recruiting in the fall. What do people think about Cape Town as opposed to another place? Also does anyone have any recommendations for landing an internship while I'm there? Thank you to everyone who responds.


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May 10, 2013

I'd say you're definitely going to be at a disadvantage if you don't have a very strong resume. That last part seems obvious, but let me explain what I mean. Let's say you have a 3.8+ in a 'hard' major (CS, Math, Physics, etc.), along with somewhat relevant experience (boutique IB, consulting, Corp. Fin., even AM/PWM). With that kind of resume, you're pretty much guaranteed interviews everywhere (slight exaggeration, but you get my point) because you're at a target with (I'm assuming) strong OCR. However, if one or more of those variables are off (weak to mediocre GPA, 'soft' major, no relevant experience), then interviews aren't guaranteed. Sure, you might land a few (or even more than a few), but you might also get dinged everywhere. That's where networking is so important - having a weaker GPA or a softer major at a target school is far from the kiss of death, but only if you mitigate it by networking with alumni. So, if you're going to be abroad, and you have a weaker resume, your chances of networking and landing interviews and subsequent SA stints is, in all likelihood, going to be hurt.

Just my two cents. PM me if you have more questions - I'm pretty sure I know what school you go to and what major you're in, based on your post.


May 10, 2013

Can't comment on recruiting but do know that Cape Town is awesome.

Not sure what type of internship you might be looking for but some general thoughts below:

-Arisaig Partners, one of the largest Asia-based funds (~2 billion AUM). They are long only w/a focus exclusively on emerging market consumer companies. They are based in Singapore but invest extensively in Africa and have an office in Cape Town I believe.

-Not sure about now but at least until recently, GS was building out biz in South Africa so reaching out there (and other large international banks/BBs) might also be an option. In these smaller offices of large BBs, even if there are not formal/structured internship, sometimes ad hoc things can be set-up by reaching out to HR and/or the business directly. I've seen that happen from time to time.

-Some banks that might be worth considering b/c they have a strong presence or roots in Africa and also have an international presence are: Investec, Standard Chartered, and Standard Bank. I'm sure there are a few more. Each of these banks has some, albeit relatively smaller, S&T, asset management, and IBD teams so maybe an option as well?

hope that's helpful. best of luck

May 10, 2013

Went to Cape Town and is the BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST experience of my entire life. I promise you will not regret it in anyway. It is the best place in the entire world.

May 11, 2013