Study Abroad Senior Year Spring & IB

Here is the deal - I have an unique opportunity to study abroad senior year, spring semester.

The program I want to go to ends late june. Let say I hypothetically get a FT offer either with where I SA or elsewhere. Although I know that I would make it in time for training (I am assuming it starts late june/early july), would it be okay with HR in terms of transcripts? That is, the transcripts would come AFTER I start training, 4-8 weeks after I come back to the US. Late August at the latest. Then there is also the possibility of my finance coursework not transferring correctly, and I could lose my official finance concentration...

It would also be okay with my school as far as on time graduation is concerned, btw.

Another option is another program that I don't want as much, that ends early May...

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Apr 5, 2010