Study Abroad Two Semesters

I'm studying abroad this spring semester as a sophomore. I'm wondering if I like it a lot whether it would be worth it to go for another semester in my junior fall. I'm on schedule to graduate a semester early and going abroad an additional would likely mean I'd give up graduating a semester early and in the regular four years. I'd still be around for spring interviews, but would miss all the fall employer presentations and campus visits.

I guess it comes down to whether an additional semester abroad is worth it.

Any of you ever done multiple semesters abroad? What's that experience been like?

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Jan 26, 2013

If you're already planning on graduating a semester early, how would one more semester abroad make you graduate a semester late?

I studied abroad and would have loved to stay another semester. If you will be back for your junior spring, don't even hesitate on this. You can still network with people while you are abroad--just use google voice. Seriously, it costs like $10, and you can make calls to the USA for $0.01 per minute. And you can even call your friends and family over the phone. It's pretty cool, I recommend it.

Jan 26, 2013

I think it's worth it

Jan 26, 2013

currently in my 2nd semester of studying abroad. definitely worth it

Jan 26, 2013