Super Day: JP Morgan 1st Year CIB Risk Analyst

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Hello everyone,

Apologies if there is already a forum for this, have not found one that's updated for this or last year.

Have an upcoming super day with JP Morgan this coming Monday for CIB Risk. I've been hearing different things on what to expect, and want to see from anyone who either has the super day too, or has already done it or in that industry that can give me any tips or feedback on what they've seen or what to expect. Looking more for what to expect in terms of technicals primarily.

There's market, credit, operational, country, etc. risk. Wanting to know if we need to know everything about each type. Are they looking for candidates who can nail the technicals down for each category of risk, or are they looking for potential?

Also, on the website, it says that the job is located in Plano, Texas, but I'm interviewing at their HQ in Manhattan. Does anyone know if it's possible to go into this job and stay in a major city (e.g. NYC, Chicago, etc.)?

Thanks so much and looking forward to hearing some feedback.

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Dec 3, 2019