Superday at Institutional CRE Investor? What should I expect?

I'm interviewing with an institutional CRE investor in Canada next week. Think (Quadreal Property Group/BentallGreenOak/Oxford Properties Group).

I'm interviewing for their mortgage investments/asset management group. It's going to be a 1.5 hour interview - 30 min with VP and an hour with 3 analysts. 

I'm currently at a Canadian non bank lender primarily doing mortgage/loan servicing (back office). I haven't dealt with underwriting deals yet however I deal with certain underwriting metrics when reviewing financial statements for annual review such as NOI and DSC analysis. 

The recruiter told me it's going to be a behavioural interview but something tells me there's going to be technicals. 

Anyone have recommendations/prep ideas other than to review past binder/pitchbooks? I should probably read some building condition reports/environmental reports too 

Side note: would i get dinged for not having my full license? I only have my G2 and i would have to drive to do some site inspections


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