Swans Fly

I missed her 4 timesso, we tried to understand each otherWhat is this rag tag fellow all about?Bahar is precise with her examsGrey worsted wool and a light blue dress shirtFreshly pressed and always just soWe met first in ChicagoA rooftop boondoggle over single malt She smiled politely and reminded me Always impressed with how a broker could spin a sale to both sides of the marketCalifornia drought, what grape should we enjoy tonight,It was Bahar after all,More enjoyable than I had anticipatedIn spite of a slip of tongue at the war room tableSubtle and unexpected I missed her check her diary that nightAnother year went by,Ambition on the Heathrow ExpressIn London, Thomas by her sideThe same wool pants in mindA presentation left behindI like her, Joseph mentioned to meBlack Jaguar on our way backPeak blinders, Josh likes thatA handshake not returnedThe tube should more than sufficeI can see why he's useful Chris said to meNot exactly a miss when you plan to steal the teamHow many bottles of wine can you drink on one flight overseasSometimes you have to create your own anxietyI forgot her in my mind, plenty was on the lineCohibas and Partagas, I was not married yetI underestimated her fall from graceShe was for the chaseIn California the next yearThe same dress in my mind clear,Those slacks and blouse of mineWith James she left to dineShe left the room quickly brushing her hair against meMarried this timeI could not sleep with the softness of her hair on my handShe had tripped on her way out of the room,A scowl from those who watched my faceBlushing for everyone who sawShe came with meMy world was worn and sadThe next time was the lastNo opportunity to chatHer eyes were clear to seeA warning made to meYou do not know this feeI laughed- I know that for a factBut I cannot actThis is my trap

Time passes by

Only finance concerned my mind

Paul asked for me

Where is Bahar.

Maybe he wondered about my anxiety

Pools of sweat at my desk

My preparatory round of golf

Isn't Jack Nicklaus a bit too fine for that


And still, I don't mind working at golf

That's why I practice that

Isn't that enough money yet?

ILS and all that, my daughter don't care about that

Maybe he was worried like Joe

I'm really worried about that

Guns and Ammo is my mag

You ought to read about that

Bill Fischer walked away

Randall gave me a wink and a nod

You don't want her too involved in that

Bonds are not for now

Shocked Paul would care at all

She quit was the call.

I pretended not to think

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