Thank You WSO

Just wanted to say in a few quick sentences how thankful I am for this forum.

Coming out of UG I had relatively no idea what finance even was and this site (along with deep self reflection) was extremely helpful and made me realize IB was what I wanted to pursue.

It was an absolute grind coming from a non target with a GPA below a 3.0, but this site and the mentors on it were crucial in helping me 1) land my first role at a LMM M&A shop and 2) lateral to an industry focused boutique on the West Coast.

Any other fellow grinders/monkeys keep pushing, improve on both your strengths/weaknesses, really think WHY you want to do whatever it is that you're gunning for and if you're actually cut out for it.

Thanks Monkeys!

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Apr 16, 2021 - 8:38am

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