Thank you to all WSO members

I've been meaning to post a thank to you all that directly and indirectly (indirectly by searching historical posts) helped in my first recruiting season.

I currently work at a F500 pharma firm working in corporate finance and will be leaving for top 1 year EU B-School in the fall of 2011. I was trying to get a summer associate gig at some BB's in NYC this summer. I don't have the typical summer term that traditional US B-Schools have so I networked like crazy and got my CV into the hands of the right people. I knew that once I got an interview that it was all up to me and how I sold myself.

Coming from big pharma I had zero knowledge of the technicals of captial markets (DCF, valuations, etc etc) and that's where WSO members were my saviors. I spent 4 weeks of prepping and getting my fit and technical questions down and reading historical posts and asking questions when I couldn't find them. I had told them my personal story (extremly poor first generation immigrant family trying to move up social ranks through hard work and focus on education, pretty much enduring many hardships and through it all still suceeding)

My profile:
Undergrad: Top 30 ranked university
Major: Double in Econ and International Relations
GPA: 3.8+
GMAT: 720
EC: tutoring in poor inner city community, Trustee at prominent prep school

I had 4 superdays (2 of which were at the same BB but different groups) and accepted last week and hopefully have a FT offer by the time I get to campus in the fall!

Thanks to all that helped and I wouldn't have been nearly as prepared as I was without the help of WSO!

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Mar 2, 2011 - 12:33pm

Quae et quia ad laborum nihil vel. A at vitae libero qui eos.

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