The anxiety about what's next doesn't end once you break into IB...

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So like what's the next move now that I'm in IB? I've been working at a regional shop for a few months now and I worry about the future. Banking tends to have an expiration date for most people...but honestly I could see myself staying on board for 3-4 years, try to work my way to associate.

But like what about PE, another 6-8 months and that window will open up. Do I really feel like going through recruiting again? What happens if I miss that window. Are PE shops open to hiring analysts past 2 years of IB experience?

What if that doesn't work out, what other job is out there? Corp Dev? Traditional back office financial accounting?

Do people ever stay in IB at the associate-VP level without an interest in moving up?

Some of these questions are rehteroical, but just my train of thought right now.

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Sep 4, 2017

Most of depends on the location you are based out of. Can open up new opportunities if it has a buzzing finance scene.

Sep 7, 2017

Think of your stint as an analyst as a means to an end - either in helping you move to the next step within Finance (Associate role or buyside) or a process that helps you identify what career it is that truly interests you if you decide Finance isn't for you (burnout being the most common reason). I know this kid who has had a 5+ year career as a BB analyst, he just keeps moving cities (same group). I don't think PE recruiters care how long you've spent as an Analyst. If anything, they get someone more experienced for cheap and that should give you an edge, really.
Bottomline being this: Enjoy the hustle, apply yourself and absorb as much as you can. Let the universe do its job and bring you your next job. Good luck!

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Aug 27, 2018

What you are feeling is very common among many of the kinds of people that spend time in your space. As you get a bit older, more mature, you realize that the "whats next anxiety" never goes away. Once you achieve your given goal, there is a calm few days / weeks / months and then that "whats next feeling comes back. Its the human condition.

The "whats next" feeling is am important character trait as a young person, trying to strive for something, make something of your life. Eventually, as you get older, prioritizes change. That "what next" impulse comes from the part of you that wants to reach higher and higher levels of personal success. And in your 20 and early 30s, it is important to go for it.

As you get older, people make different choices. Maybe you are extraordinarily ambitious and your main focus in life is career (there is nothing wrong with that). That "whats next" impulse is what drives the exceptional people that reach the pinnacles of success in the industry.

That being said, some people get to a certain point where they want to de-emphasize career. Perhaps they have other interests, or want to start a family. The "whats next" impulse is there, but you can make a choice to focus more on other aspects of your life.

My view is that being human means that you will never get to a point where, when you think "whats next?" you realize that there is nothing else to do and you have "won." What does change, however, is the choice to just stop asking / thinking about that question.

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Aug 28, 2018

This is how I feel and I don't know how to combat it. I came from a ridiculously untraditional background and got in. I started about 3 weeks ago but I'm already looking for the next steps. I'm looking at non-profits to get on their boards, I'm looking at ways to use the time I'm not studying and interview prepping, but I can't shake the constant nagging that there just HAS to be more.

Aug 29, 2018