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Gonna be vague here with the details but also try to set the scene. Mostly just need to rant a bit, but any tips or responses from others in this situation (or a friendly "fuck off and relax") are more than welcome.

I've been interviewing with this company as well as 4 phone interviews after all the in person stuff. I've spoken with everyone ranging from analyst to C level, including multiple PM/MDs at the company.

I have not heard back since that interview from anyone, and the nerves are starting to set in about all the little things I did wrong. This is the first time the company is recruiting out of undergrad (usually snipes from other big banks), and they've emphasized that their biggest concern is fit (hence the long interview process), One of the analysts who I only spoke to over the phone, said he "has a strong feeling he would be meeting me in person". Felt good after that, and the entire process was some of the strongest interviews I'd ever done, but the last one was comparatively weaker (definitely not weak though) to the first 7 and I think that's a part of the nerves at this point (sounds dumb, I know).

At this point I'm still applying to roles that interest me but this company is definitely my top choice, and I'm finding myself camping on my phone and email, jumping every time an advertisement comes through in hopes that it's someone from HR contacting me to set up an appointment for a phone call to discuss next steps, or at least some closure. From the two internships I've had, one took a week to respond, the other took two weeks, so I'm not counting myself out by any means, and I'm definitely not discouraged, but the waiting game is killer right now. My plan is to hold out until after 2 weeks of no contact before reaching back out to the person I've been talking to at HR if it comes to that.


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Feb 26, 2019

Did they say when they would let you know? If not, I don't think it is unreasonable to follow up with HR after two weeks.

As you say, they could have bigger things going on. Or you could be the unfortunate 2nd choice and they are not getting back to you until their 1st choice accepts or declines. Hopefully, it is the former and not the latter.

Feb 26, 2019