Thoughts on LaSalle Investment Management / CBRE GI?

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I'm a college senior at a top university with a high GPA and solid RE internships. I'd like to work in REPE long term (and, unfortunately, care about prestige and pay). Any thoughts on how an asset management role with LIM / CBRE GI would be for a first job out of college? I'd like to work hard and learn a lot.

Thanks and happy holidays.

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  • Investment Analyst in RE - Comm
Dec 3, 2019

If you're talking about their US offices, both are done hiring entry-level analysts for the year from my understanding. CBRE GI hasn't been performing well recently.

AM perspective, great jobs but might be looking at more vanilla product that's not that hard to manage. Exit Ops would be there if you wanted to switch to acquisitions later at the junior level within a reasonable time period (1-3 years).

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Dec 4, 2019