Tips on breaking into Portfolio Management out of undergrad?

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Hey everyone,

I'm currently a rising junior at a non target school in a big city. I currently intern at a firm, but it's just a wealth management internship(been working here for 3 months). I want to get into asset management and I figure buy-side equity research would be the best route. The reason I'd rather jump to buy-side instead of sell-side is because I really enjoy the researching process and I feel like buy-side is better suited for that.

My firm has an investment team, but from what I hear from my coworkers is that they rarely if ever hire interns.

So again, I'm looking for an buy-side er internship for next summer.

My GPA isn't very good it's 3.4 right now. I had a terrible freshman year so I've been trying to pick it back up.
I considered studying for CFA level 1, but apparently I can't take that till I'm at least a senior. I've taken WSP and I'm a CS minor so I have a little programming experience. I should also note I've done some stock pitches and I'm currently working on another one.

Do you guys have any tips?

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Jul 5, 2018

I am an equity analyst at a UK long only equity boutique firm, with valu eorientation, graduated from a target (top 5 UK uni). I initially didn't break in to UK AM (got rejected by Aberdeen, Schroders, Fidelity) so worked at an investment research firm (think mercers, towers watson).

To get my buyside job I basically trained myself in stock research ,e.g reading gurus (klarman, buffet), doing DCF valuations and accountancy , industry research etc and applied for loads of equity research jobs - landed an interview, impressed the PM with a trade idea I made and go the offer. I basically would follow a similar approach.

See this thread for tips on how to train yourself in stock research:

Jul 5, 2018