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Hi, I need advice. I currently attend JMSB and have really enjoyed it so far, although I don't think I want to stay in Montreal upon graduation. I currently have a 3.93 and am thinking about applying for a transfer. Is it worth it? How do regular Desautels students place, assuming I'm too late for the HIM program there. Will simply having over a 3.5 and networking my ass off be enough to break into IB as a regular Desautels grad? Would a Kenneth Woods student from JMSB place better than a standard Desautels student?


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Mar 9, 2021 - 3:43am

Hi. I'm currently in exact same shoe as you were. I'm in JMSB with a gpa of 3.93. I'm planning to do a transfer to McGill after this semester. Please let me know if you got in with that gpa. Thanks a lot 

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