Hi. I am new to the boards here and am looking for some advice in a career change.

I currently work as Fund Accountant. After several months, I am looking to transition into Equity Research. I cannot imagine being a fund accountant for the rest of my life since the job is pretty much day-in and day-out routine job. I want to look for a more challenging career that involves heavy analytical skills, so I would like to break into Equity Research.

A little about myself.
Graduated from top 20 University
Level II CFA Candidate
Little equity research experience

My questions is how likely a Fund Accountant can get into Equity Research. Judging from my previous co-workers, most either got promoted to another related role or became an auditor. I am also afraid that being a Fund Accountant for a long time will pigeon hole me in that field. Any advice is appreciated. Also, if you were a FA that turned ER, do you mind sharing how you got in?


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Easiest way would be to transition within your own firm. If you are doing a good job in your current role start talking to people that can make such decisions.

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Rather old, but also interested




Still interested... anyone make this transition, or move to front office out of a fund accounting role?

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