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Hi all,

I have a third (& maybe/hopefully) final interview for a treasury associate role (CRE focused) at a BB bank. The role would assist the Treasuries with sales, pitch books, analysis...etc. Thus far, the interviews have been behavioral and very casual. Seems as though the team really wants to find the right fit vs. someone with the exact prior experience. With that said, is there anything I should mention or really hit home with these next interviews in order to land the job? Any curve balls I should prepare for?

About me: I have never worked in treasury. I'm 4 years out of undergrad and have experience in CRE and banking. The role seems to be a good learning opportunity and a place where I can learn something new. I'm targeting a base salary of $110,000 plus ~20% bonus in the Chicago market.

Additionally, any thoughts for you guys already in Treasury? Do you enjoy it? Does treasury as a whole provide valuable experience?


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Dec 2, 2019 - 3:48pm

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