Treating CF Recruiting like PE Recruitment

Tired analyst who has no interest in PE, very interested in corp dev or strategic finance at a small-medium sized company (PE-Backed or recently public)

I'd really like to approach recruitment the way I would have approached PE recruiting, so here are my questions:

  1. Are there any notable headunters / recruiting firms for these roles?
  2. For PE-Backed companies, is there any angle I can push, being an M&A analsyt who has worked with the funds invested in companies I'd like to work for?
  3. How can I best leverage my IB experience, even though I only have ~1 year of experience. Will I be a competitive candidate still?
  4. I work in an M&A group doing smallish deals (50-200 M transaction value), am I a competitive candidate for teams at large public companies? Or not? Is it even worth my time to apply for the big names?

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