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Hi, I'm a new user to the forum and will be searching the threads deeper over the next few days. I wanted to introduce myself first however and see if anyone can offer me some great advice. I recently graduated with my PhD from a big state university where I researched investment risk in P3 infrastructure projects (I also have my MBA). I enjoyed my research and made some real interesting discoveries in the field and I am currently preparing a few journal articles. Before returning to Academia, I was an engineer responsible for procurement and construction of infrastructure projects. Because of my background in construction and infrastructure I would like to work for a fund specializing in infrastructure or real estate such as Macquarie. I'm willing to take an entry level position because I realize my finance experience was at an academic institution and my project management experience was in construction, so this is a lateral move. I also understand that I am competing with some top notch candidates but I haven't heard a thing back from any job application, not even to be the janitor! At career fairs, I'm told I don't come from a target school. Am I committing some sort of a fatal flaw? Am I missing something here? Your take on the matter is greatly appreciated!

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Dec 31, 2013

never give your name or school....public forum....hope this a throwaway account. look for boutique PE shops or IB shops that'll be a decent way to break in. learn how to network...

online apps will work 1% of the time...literally, get that into your head. 99% is through networking...start talking to people, and try not to be annoying, and try to be likeable

Jan 2, 2014

Zeroblued and all the monkeys, how would you suggest going about networking? I've been hitting up 1-2 conferences, workshops, or MBA career fairs a month for the past 4-6 months. I'll even be presenting my research at a large conference in a few weeks. Travel is getting expensive. I'm very focused on infrastructure finance because I am making a career switch from engineering to finance so I'm in a niche. I meet lots of engineers and consultants at the events I attend but no finance. Where do finance guys hang out? Do they ever leave New York? Any good conference suggestions? When I do meet finance people, it's never infrastructure because its such a small specialty. My university is pretty far from New York the leads they have provided me have been far off base.

Jul 1, 2014