Trying to raise debt for the first time - Any advice from DCM experts ahead of the project?

Hi, working in Treasury at a building society and long story short we're projecting to raise ~60 million of debt (public bond or private, to be decided) for the first time to fund a residential real estate project (some social housing units and some not). Going to be long term (likely ~30y or more). This is new for us so looking for someone to point me in the right direction to get a reasonable understanding of the key concepts.

  1. How to decide to go down the public bond or private investment route?

  2. Is this type of deal typically syndicated or is it common for some investors to go alone?

  3. What are they key ratios/ metrics the rating agency / investors will be most interested in to determine if they would lend and if yes how much, for how long and at what yield? I want to start pulling and monitoring the right data in a dashboard and equally know what they'll look for in the modelling for the specific RE project.

  4. Typically what type of covenants would be applied for that sort of deal? Need to get an idea of what level of financial flexibility we should be ready to give away for that project.

  5. Any pointer regarding the appointment of a lead manager for such deal?

Thanks a zillion

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Sep 29, 2021 - 9:45pm

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