TS Financial Due Diligence vs Business Due Diligence

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I'm planning to interview with KPMG for one of these divisions.

I just want to know which division would give me better exit opps in terms of going into equity research or IB at a BB, a top MBA, and possibly PE down the road.

The job descriptions are as follows:
Financial Due Diligence (FDD) services provide support throughout the transaction life cycle on both the "buy side" and "sell side," to both strategic and financial buyers. This support includes pre-bid assessments, financial, tax, commercial, and information systems due diligence, integration risk assessments, and accounting and tax transaction advisory services.

Business Due Diligence (BDD) services provide strategic advisory services to clients on matters throughout the Mergers and Acquisitions (M and A) deal life cycle. The BDD team helps clients evaluate acquisition candidates based on the achievability of managements' future business forecasts and creates value from M and A transactions. The team helps clients make informed decisions on whether to proceed with the deal, how to value it, and how to develop thorough execution plans to maximize value. Clients are primarily private equity houses and strategic buyers.

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Sep 20, 2008

FDD is traditionally what people think of when they hear "Transaction Services." They mainly do the due diligence for the pre-deal phase, without much focus on deal financing or execution. BDD is part of TS, too, but they are more like consultants than bankers. The FDD interviews should be all fit, but the kids who interviewed with BDD had a case.

Jul 6, 2011


Nov 5, 2012