Undergrad MBB to Business School question: Does M7 really matter?

Hey everyone!

I have a question. I'm incoming at MBB in Dallas this year, and my company has reached out and let us know that they're willing to pay for us to prepare for and take the GMAT. They have a program where they will pay for your MBA as long as you work for the number of years they pay for afterwards, but I plan on sticking at the company anyways.

I hadn't really considered getting an MBA much before I got hired (I'm a genetics and biotechnoloy undergrad), and now I'm neck deep in looking to apply for the 2+2 programs and such, with HBS/GSB/MIT Sloan as my targets.

The more I consider it, though, the more I wonder: is M7 really worth it considering that I'll be going back to MBB anyways afterward? Any MBA is paid for, raise is the same, bonus is the same, really the only difference is the experience at B-School (which I imagine is huge) and the prestige. Should I be worried if I don't place into those top schools? Or should I go wherever lets me in?

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Feb 4, 2019

i have heard anecdotes that MBB will only pay for Top 10 ranked schools per US News but otherwise are agnostic to where you go

Feb 5, 2019
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