Underwriting as an RE career path

I'm currently at the senior associate level in the acquisitions group at an LP investor putting out about $500mm a year in equity. A head hunter approached me about a senior underwriting position with potential to turn into a VP position within a year. Responsibilities in the underwriting role would focus on the deal skinning/modeling/research aspects of my current role and less on the deal execution/docs/JV close responsibilities.

My questions are
1. Would I be in danger of being pidgeon holed as a model monkey for my career?

  1. What should I expect comp wise vs an acquisitions career path?

  2. When downturns happen, are these people seen as deadweight? For example would it be easy to role back responsibilities into the acquisitions team?

Would appreciate any input here.

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Dec 20, 2019 - 10:16am

Is the underwriting role at an LP? I have not seen the UW title used at equity shops other than in the tax credit space.

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