University of Wisconsin-Madison MSRE

While applying to MSRE programs around the country I came across Wisconsin's which appears to be in its first year. Does anyone have any insight on how big of a role their alumni network would play into this program (#2 ranked undergrade real estate degree). Being as it seems like the cheapest/quickest option at a reputable university it is very intriguing to me. I know there will be no specifics as it is brand new, but just wanted to hear what others opinions on how strong this could be from a recruiting/career switch standpoint.


Real Estate Modeling Course

  • Real-life RE Modeling Tests from actual Interviews
  • Various asset classes including multi-family, commercial and more
  • Huge discount - until more tests and cases added

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Nov 17, 2020 - 12:54am

Non similique aut delectus animi ad ex expedita non. Beatae omnis ex ullam nobis.

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