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I graduate in May and have been trying to land a position or internship in IB after graduation. I recently found out one of my fraternity brothers who graduated last year is working at a boutique investment bank. I reached out to him via text this past week asking for general advice. He told me he was free this weekend to talk on the phone.

1.) I'm seeking advice on how I should approach this phone call and the best way to possibly lead to him helping me get an interview for an internship or position.

2.) What are good questions to ask and bad questions to ask?

3.) Anything else you think would be helpful for me.


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Jan 5, 2019 - 1:30am

Have a well-crafted story about yourself and why you want to go into banking. Research the firm and ask open-ended questions about his career and the firm itself (e.g. what led you to IB? what drew you to this firm specifically? what skills have allowed you be successful in your role?). Avoid questions that elicit a simple yes/no answer (e.g. is your job rewarding?) and refrain from asking about hours, compensation, etc. After he responds to a few questions, reference something he said about the firm and explain how it seems aligned with your professional goals. Since you texted him to set up the call, you could probably even ask straight up what they look for in interns/analysts and what the recruiting process is like.

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