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Hi all, I'm new here, and had a few questions.

First, I am a freshmen at UT-Austin: Which IB's should I focus on kissing ass to?
I looked to see which banks recruit at my school, but not how many a year or anything. Laz, JPM, Duetch, and a few more recruit here, but.......

So, which firms should I start emailing/cold calling?

Also, which club/organization should I join?

Any help from current students/alum would be greatly appreciated!

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Sep 3, 2012 - 9:38pm

Do not start cold calling/emailing yet. You will seem like an over eager beaver. It is way too early. Kick ass in your classes, try to to get into undergrad McCombs, join whatever investment or business clubs you can.

More importantly - get drunk, fuck bitches. You're a freshmen. Relax.

Sep 3, 2012 - 11:43pm

^That. You're a freshman. Have fun, but keep your GPA up.

The main thing I'd do if I were you is look at all the finance related clubs at McCombs and go to their meetings (Most have info sessions around the beginning of school. Check out the boards around the business school). Clubs I remember were University Investors association and university Finance association, but I'm pretty sure there were a lot more as well. Another thing I'd recommend doing is participating in stock pitches, case comps, and other related activities. Even if you don't come close to winning, you learn alot and they're great talking points in interviews when you haven't done anything else. \

Sep 4, 2012 - 2:07am

Echo the above. Definitely do NOT start emailing and cold calling. You will come off as weird. Try to join one of the student-run investment teams. The two that come to mind that have several alumni in banking are the Texas Undergraduate Investment Team and Texas Equity Group. Also very important to keep your GPA up (3.7+).

If you want to start networking, go to the info sessions that the banks hold and ask intelligent questions. They will come twice a year for full-time and internship recruiting (the former should be coming up very soon if it hasn't already, you will see flyers around the business school). Your intelligent questions at this point should be more focused around what the job entails, the banking industry, etc. Even if you know the answers, ask them anyways and maybe follow-up with other smart questions about their answers. The point is that you're a freshman and you shouldn't know you want to do banking right now, but you're trying to explore the option to see it's for you. Again, it's weird if you're a freshman and you "know" you want to do banking. It would also be pretty impressive if you can ask an intelligent question or two about the oil and gas industry - recent M&A, IPOs (see Nothern Tier), recent trends, etc., especially if the bank was on the deal. Chances are you won't be remembered, but if you are an underclassman and can demonstrate a strong interest in the oil and gas industry through intelligent question(s), I think that would stick.

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