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Looking to get some advice as I move from Software Consulting to Investment Banking. 

After 2 years of working on my own projects and constantly searching for an opportunity to gain some finance expertise, I finally fall into a position where i'm associated with an up and coming Investment Bank; Now i face a new problem in the dynamics of the team and in order to make a name for myself in this new world, what are the most important aspects of a project, where should i excel and fight for to get the most credit?

Project A

Recycling+Power Plant Project with a total value of 50mm

We have a financial model built by a finance team

Objective is to compete with this team for raising of capital

Project B 

Produce Business with a total value of 12mm (I've already raise 2/3 of the capital)

We have existing financial model built by the Enterprise itnernal team

Objective is to Raise capital through the sale of stock + Solidify their Corporate Governance

I would very much appreciate your thoughts as i have no clear direction to what needs to be done, currently my business associate is already handing me the basic tasks of searching for financial institutions and stakeholder list to name a few example of tasks I am currently working on.

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