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I've always had success finding advise here and figured I would pose a question of my own.

I've been out of school working as a Business Analyst for 2 years in China. I'm a finance and actuarial science double major. I was recently contacted by the manager of a prior internship back in America. He owns a mature financial planning practice for accredited investors and wants to switch focus to VC.

He's done a series of VC investments in the past with an attractive track record. There are 4-5 employees at the firm and I would function as his right hand man on the VC side raising funds and managing investments (though my exact role is still vague). His financial planning practice has 100M assets under management and the nascent PE fund 20-30M with quick growth as the goal.

A few other key points:

  1. This position would require me to repatriate back to America
  2. The fund is based in the Midwest and carries a Midwest theme
  3. The owner has had successful VC investments in the past and wants to make this his main career focus

He asked me about role, interest and benefits/salary. The first two I have no problem explaining, but any recommendations on how to approach the salary/benefits or what sort of range I should request? Is it reasonable to discuss an equity stake? If so, what is a reasonable amount?

I just want to avoid lowballing myself, but don't want to come across as ridiculous either. I appreciate all of your insight. Thanks.


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