Verifying the use of TTS, WSP & BIWS

Is there a way to verify that TTS, WSP and BIWS are used to train employees and students at firms and universities? I mean a way to verify apart from asking the institutes and universities.

I am in another country (as in not the US) so before I go on and say to co-workers, students, professors and employers to use these programs, I need to be sure that these programs are used by organizations, just makes it easier to convince co-workers, students, employers and professors to change their ways. Maybe they do use these programs in my country but not that I know of.


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Sep 12, 2014

not sure how you could verify exactly...but I think all 3 you mentioned are well respected for financial modeling training, so I'd be surprised if they were lying on their website.

Sep 12, 2014

it is not that i think they would be lying but it would be easier to convince anyone that this material is actually useful unlikely the pathetic BBA/MBA in my country (you just simply have no idea how pathetic the BBA/MBA in my country is, even from target schools)... so if firms and universities officially endorsed these products on their own websites or on the websites of these programs it would only help ... out of curiosity has WSO/WSP ever thought about official endorsements?

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Sep 12, 2014

If they were not used by the organizations that they present as active users of their products on their websites, then they would probably have been sued by now.

Sep 12, 2014

i know what you say makes sense but try explaining that to someone in my country

Sep 13, 2014

Unfortunately you are unlikely to find any other verification other than asking students/employees at the organizations. Most of these organizations use their website for the sole reason of marketing themselves and doing business. They are unlikely to ever start using them to endorse the company that they purchase some study materials from every year.

Oct 11, 2014

yeah that is a shame .. but as long as the material is useful i guess it doesn't really matter