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I have been interviewing for an analyst position at a boutique (Evercore/PJT/Centerview- one of those 3) for the past month. My first 5 interviews went really well and the feedback was fairly positive. I had an interview with a VP yesterday and he was a total prick. Picked apart any move I made and was generally negative. Was a fairly rude individual and asked offensive questions. Does anyone have success stories after one bad round? How much stock will the hiring manager put in the POS's opinion?

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Jul 31, 2020

I had a similar expirence with an Associate at a BB. I ended up getting an offer despite that guy seemingly being a douche. My take is that some interviewers want to pressure/ challenge you to see how you respond to criticism, so if you were confident in your answers and kept your shit together I think you'll be fine. GL

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Jul 31, 2020

I had an interview when I was going for junior year internship. Went well with all the associates and HR people, then met a VP who grilled me on everything and seemed to just want to argue with me no matter what. I thought I was never going to work there after that, but then got the offer. I think it's just them testing how you handle stress or problems.

Jul 31, 2020

Can you provide some additional context around how they were rude or questions were inappropriate?

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Jul 31, 2020

how did you manage to secure interviews at these places ? are you a lateral analyst?

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Aug 1, 2020

I work at one or the bank nyc office and we interviewed a few people this week. All well/over qualified candidates. Just be yourself and do best you can.

Aug 2, 2020

Can you give a few examples of offensive questions that you were asked?

Aug 2, 2020