Wall Street Mentors: Resume Advice from Scott Morris, Former CEO of Boston Options Exchange, MD at Goldman Sachs

Chris Carey of Wall Street Mentors chats with Scott Morris to receive his insight on tailoring a resume to specific industries.

Scott is the former CEO of the Boston Options Exchange and Managing Director at Goldman Sachs. Scott is the author of Polished, which is a cover letter, resume and interviewing guide written specifically for college students and other first time job seekers. You may read more about Scott and his passion for helping young professionals at his website, www.polishedU.com.

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Nov 30, 2010 - 2:40am

Chris, you are the most uncomfortable interviewer ever...other wise great work!
Suggestion: For future videos, can you please ask him some questions un-answerable by the college kids on this board? Like things only a GS MD can answer. I knew enuf to leave off the objective line when I was a college sophomore. Having 1 or 2 resume is also some-what common sense. I believe the videos will add much more value if you can ask him some questions specifically only a MD with his amount of experience would be able to answer.

Just a suggestion. Thanks a lot for doing these videos!

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