Weighing SA offers: BB IB (NY, NY) vs Software Investing (Boston, MA) vs Direct Lending (LA, CA)

Hi all, currently struggling to weigh a few offers I have. For context, I think I could potentially see myself making a career out of entrepreneurship or software PE/VC.

That being said, I know interests change, and I'd like to look at things from a different angle: what would objectively look the most impressive on my resume after this summer.

Choice 1: The BB IB offer is at a "mid-tier" BB, and is with a non-TMT industry group.

Choice 2: The software investing role is at a 9bn AUM VC/PE firm that is well-known in the tech space (but not much outside of it?)

Choice 3: I'm not too informed on Direct Lending, but the offer is at a well-known fund with a very strong finance brand name overall (and especially in debt). It's not directly tied to what I want to do, but I've come to learn the power of brand names on resumes.

Any and all advice or insights on how these opportunities could shape one's career path would be greatly appreciated!

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Nov 13, 2021 - 6:53pm

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